The Garden city Stamp club was formed in 1965 and has been serving West Central Montana stamp collectors ever since.
Our membership covers a wide variety of stamp collecting interests ranging from denominations, coils, foreign and U.S., and errors to Cinderellas, metered, topicals, postal history, and pre-cancels. So, whatever your interest, or if you are just curious, check us out!
Club meetings are casual and friendly.
Visitors are always welcome - Bring a friend!
Welcome to the Garden City Stamp Club
                 of Missoula, Montana
Perhaps in order to commemorate special events or interests. For example, you might  collect those that follow a particular theme or that feature a particular item. A music fan, for example, may only collect stamps that depict famous musicians. Similarly, a nature lover may collect those with flowers and animals, or a history buff may stick to those designed to commemorate various important events in history.
Or maybe you could collect stamps simply because you are intrigued by the many designs, pictures, and colors found on them. Similar to someone who collects art or antiques, a lot of  people do so simply for their aesthetic appeal and the joy they feel when looking at their collection.
Collectors can focus on geographic areas, e.g., United States, Great Britain, Germany, Asia and so on. Some collect stamps from no-longer-existing countries, such as East Germany, North/South Vietnam, or the Soviet Union.
Stamp collecting is also a great way to meet new friends who share a common interest. Therefore, some people, who choose this hobby, do so for the camaraderie and the opportunity to share with others and to meet other people from around the country and the world.
Keep in mind that the many reasons stated above for collecting stamps can also be applied to collecting covers (envelopes). In fact, you will find folks who combine both by collecting desired covers that have desired stamps. Others may collect covers based on the designs on a cover called cachets.
One of the best ways to get a jump start on collecting is to attend one or more of the many philateltic conventions held in this and other countries.
Why Would You Want to be a Philatelist?
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Do you have a collection that you don't know its value? Members of the Garden City Stamp Club will be happy to take a look  and give you an idea of its worth.
To do, this, bring your collection to one of our meetings. There is no charge.
You should do this BEFORE YOU SELL so that you know if you are getting a proper price for the collection.
Current Officers:
Steve Whitney - President    406-369-5076
Phil Connelly   - Vice Pres    406-361-5252
Jim Hirsten - Sec/Treasurer  406-273-9093